We are an initiative of JoopeA Foundation in favor of free & accessible online services for all specially for Civil Society Orgs & Human Rights activists in or for countries with restricted online regulations.

But, it’s not all! JAssist is complete startup package for profitable & non-profitable entities.


Graphic Designs

Design flyers, brochures, books, stickers, etc.

Custom Server

Setup & configure custom servers for specific services e.g. Docker, Open edX, CRM, Project managements, etc.

Digital Security

Securing Online assets, transactions & activities

Search Engine Optimization

High website rank in search engines

Ultimate Web Designs

Professional web theme, banner & logo design

Online Advertisements

Manage online ads & promotional campaigns

Funding Opportunities

Consultation & advice to apply for funding opportunities


two years of free & secure hosting

Website CMS

Full Content Management Systems installation

Free Domain

Two-year domain address

Our email is: hello@jassist.eu

Glad to hear you are looking for PGP key.
Here it is on MIT key server: 28128F6C
Or download it here.

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Some of our clients

Human Rights Club

Human Rights Club

Arts for Democracy

Azadi Andisheh

Azadi Andisheh

The Association for Freedom of Thoughts



Iran in Amsterdam Pride Parade

Queerstion Magazine

Queerstion Media

African Transgender Rights

JNews logo


Persian publication on Sexual Rights

Iran Academia Logo

Iran Academia

Public education is Human Rights

Rapido Events Logo

Rapido Events

Best & biggest parties of the Netherlands

Zamaneh Media Logo

Zamaneh Media

Independent participatory media for Iran

JAssistTM is an initiative of JoopeATM Foundation.

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