What is JAssist?

JAssist is an initiative of JoopeA Foundation. JAssist focuses on technical aspects of projects, deals with digital security & online development.

We at JAssist deals with different angels of Internet Freedom in favor of neutral cyber space. We hate propaganda. This is the reason behind our activities to give online voice in proper way to those who are less visible as much as we can.

JAssist Objective

Empowering Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Human Rights activists & for-profit entities.

Short-term Goals

  • Decreasing costs: Online development such as website building, host & domain, digital designs, etc. are costly while it’s difficult for most of our target group to find proper services. Skilled developers who are also human rights activists know the challenges & solutions. We help you to focus on your work’s content instead of wasting your time, budget & energy on your online presence tools.
  • Increasing quality of work: Since development & digital art is expensive, usually it’s impossible for most of entities to receive high quality designs, proper service & secure platforms. We cover this part for you.
  • Better Security: Digital security is complicated, strange or annoying! We do it for you while implement it step-by-step to make it more understandable.
  • Network of activists: JAssist doesn’t only provide services but also become partner to clients. JAssist partners are mostly among CSOs & Human Rights activists. They would share resources, learn more from eachother & assist the network.


JAssist is one of the JoopeA‘s Foundation children. It’s born out of our experience when we were in desperate need for online help but all we got was bad service, expensive & usually not properly secured. We want to eliminate this situation for others.

We believe in community work, to give & to get from community …

JAssistTM is an initiative of JoopeATM Foundation.

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